Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Handyside Kohat Pass Histroy & Facts

Many of us who visited Peshawar through #Kohat Pass ( Kotal Pass) saw at the top of the gate this Word “HandySide” I was once asked about it in Interview. I didn’t know the answer so I did some research on it & find the real story about it. This gate was erected (built) in the memories of: 
Eric Charles HANDYSIDE, CIE, OBE, KPM & bar. - Commandant Frontier Constabulary, NWFP - shot when arresting outlaws near Peshawar - 11th April 1926. Awarded King's Police Medal in 1911 and Bar in 1916. His father was English and his mother Russian. 
In memory of Eric Handyside, Indian Police. Erected by his brother officers of the NWFP."
Plaque on the memorial gate at Kohat Pass - "This gate was erected to the memory of Eric Charles Handyside, Commandant, North West Frontier Constabulary, who was famous for many daring encounters with tribal raiders and outlaws, and was killed in action on 11 April 1926."